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Biofuels For Peace

The GWV Biofuels For Peace Initiative

Mission Statement

March 22, 2006

By Bhikkhu Jhanananda (Jeffrey S. Brooks):

(copyright 2006 all rights reserved)

World peace begins with you and I becoming living embodiments of peace. We become living embodiments of peace when every action we make serves the greater good.  When we stop burning fossil fuels and begin to burn renewable biofuels, then we reduce the national and international demand upon finite fossil fuels and thus reduce the incentive for powerful nations to invade others nations with the pretense of "terrorism" and "weapons of mass destruction" to gain access to those finite fossil fuel reserves.

Because reducing the international demand for finite fossil fuels leads inexorably to world peace we at the GWV would like to do everything we can to promote the use of bio-fuels and lubricants. Vegetable oils are proven to have superior lubricity to petroleum-based lubricants. Fuels can also be generated from agricultural sources such as: the fermentation of alcohol to replace gasoline (petrol); vegetable oil, in the form of biodiesel, can replace diesel fuel; and methane gas can be extracted from decomposing biomass for power generation plants, as well as cooking and heating. 

It has already been proven to be cost effective to first ferment livestock feeds, such as corn, to extract alcohol for fuel, before feeding that grain to livestock. By this strategy remarkably the end product (mash) becomes more nutritious for livestock.

A new twist in the fermentation process has been identified by the community of the Great Western Vehicle.  Fermentation processes naturally yield large volumes of CO2 gas, which is a greenhouse gas.  The CO2 can be used as a dry-cleaning fluid to extract oils from the grain feed stocks used in fermentation prior to the fermentation process.  The oils extracted in this process can then be used to produce biodiesel. 

Other fuels can be generated in the agricultural use of livestock feeds by collecting the excrement from the livestock, as well as human sources, and placed in methane digesters. A methane digester can be used to decompose animal waste products to generate methane gas, which can be used to power large and small electrical generation plants, as well as cooking and heating fuels.  The end product will be fertilizer, leaving no waste product in the process.

Thus the primary fuel needs of a region can be met from the process of extracting the fats from livestock grain feeds with surplus CO2 solvent extraction, then fermenting that grain before it is fed to the livestock, and finally extracting methane gas from the animal waste, will thus reduce the demand upon finite fossil fuel sources, By meeting the needs of the people in a sustainable and bio-friendly way we create sustainable a lifestyle that does not cause harm to humans or creatures.

We would like to propose that the GWV consider directing resources to building at least one vehicle that serves to demonstrate that it is possible to not only fuel a vehicle from vegetable sources but also lubricate it as well.

The original essay can be essay at this URL:


May we become peace,

Bhikkhu Jhananda (Jeffrey S, Brooks)

the Great Western Vehicle

PO Box 41795

Tucson, AZ 85717

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