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Jeffrey Brooks, the founder of the Great Western Vehicle (an engaged western contemplative tradition), was a simple householder who studied and practiced ethics, philosophy and contemplative practices in his spare time for over 30 years. His contemplative lifestyle has been based upon a daily practice of ethical conduct, study and reflection, journaling and meditation. Through this practice path he has mastered the 8 meditative absorption states (jhana/samadhi), as well as many of the spiritual faculties (lokuttara balani), such as a pleasant abiding in the here and now (Di.t.thadhammasukhavihaaraa), knowledge & vision (vipassana), Out-of-Body (manomaya), clairaudience (dibba-sota) and recollection of past-lives (pubbenivasanussati). Jeff has since retired from the householder life, took up monasticism, went on a 3-year retreat, and taught himself the Sanskrit and Pali languages. He now teaches the contemplative arts and philosophy and translates Asian literature full-time.

While this retreat is geared to the advanced contemplative who is either interested in cultivating meditative absorption (jhana/samadhi) or has attained it and wishes skilled guidance, due to Jeff’s skillful practice of meditation and the associated attainments (phala) he has been leading several international peer-level web-based dialog groups in service to advanced contemplatives, thus he is qualified to advise students at any level of experience.
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The Witch Hunt
The Oppression of the Ecstatic Contemplative in Contemporary U.S. American Culture
CESNUR (Center for Studies on New Religions),
Conference on Religion, Globalization, and Conflict: International Perspectives

July 13-16, 2006
San Diego State University, San Diego, California
Jeffrey S. Brooks
(Jhananda) an
American Meditation Master