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Jhanananda's Jhana/Gnosis Dialogs

Gold Hill, near Boulder, CO Retreat May, 2006

10-day Jhana/Samadhi retreat in Gold Hill, near Boulder, CO (download PDF poster from retreat). These dialogs are free to download, or they can be purchased in CD format.

May 23, 2006, evening Introduction and a description of the first three stages of meditative absorption (jhana/samadhi), the language of gnosis. Understand vitakka and vicára. Grip on the meditation subject using the dancing and riding metaphors. Version • Quicktime.MP4

May 24, 2006, morning Understanding the difference between the contemplative practice (magga) verses the attainment (phala) of gnosis. Understanding mindfulness and concentration. The Four Foundations of the Mindfulness (satipatthana). • Quicktime.MP4

May 24, 2006, evening Charismatic phenomena (jhana-nimitta), a description of the fourth stage of meditative absorption (jhana/samadhi), a "road map" from one jhana to the next. Grip on the meditation subject using the dancing and riding metaphors. When to let go of the meditation object. Savoring the signs of absorption (jhana-nimitta). Hypersensitivity and the transitional phase between 2nd and 3rd stage of absorption and the dark night of the soul. (This file is damaged due to a recording software error and is not available at this time.)

May 25, 2006, morning The postures of meditation, The ideal disciple has all of the good questions. Field meditation.(This file is damaged due to a recording software error and is not available at this time.)

May 25, 2006, evening Anapanasati Sutta (MN 118); Nama-Rupa, abstract verses concrete, neurophysiology, psychophysiology, psycho-soma; Mindfulness leads to great fruits (Mahaphala) Samaññaphala Sutta (DN 2); Seven Factors of Enlightenment; Satipatthana; Viriya, energy, kundalini-calm and active phases; defining insight (vipassana). • Quicktime.MP4

May 26, 2006, morning Dark night of the soul, decent into hell; transitional phase from 2nd to 3rd stage of absorption, meditation induced neuroses. • Quicktime.MP4

May 26, 2006, evening Kayagatisati Sutta (MN 119) definition of terms, consciousness, cognition, concentration, absorption, self verses no-self and non-dualism, hunter-gatherers and shamanism. • Quicktime.MP4

May 27, 2006, morning Satipatthana Sutta (MN 110), examining evidence for a two-path verses one-path model. • Quicktime.MP4

May 27, 2006, evening Maha-satipatthana Sutta (DN 22) • Quicktime.MP4

May 28, 2006, morning The Buddha's night of enlightenment, Ariyapariyesana Sutta (MN 26.28) and Mahaasaccaka sutta (MN 36) • Quicktime.MP4

May 28, 2006, evening Both-ways liberated (DN 6, MN 70, AN II.30); communion with the angelic order/deva realm; a cross cultural view on the charismatic phenomena of meditative absorption (jhana-nimitta); omniscience; mystic, shaman, Buddha • Quicktime.MP4

May 29, 2006, morning Various key quotes from the suttas in support of the jhana construct. • Quicktime.MP4

May 30, 2006, morning Aseka, the five aggregates of one who is beyond training, Samyutta Nikaya Ch 3 Sagathvagga 3 Kosalasamyutta 24 (4) Archer Book 1 with verses page 190; Early Buddhist monastic personal hygiene; An early history of Buddhism and its literature; The oral tradition as a meditation practice; the flaw of insisting upon the meditation object; the apparent despondency of the Buddha in his last days; Advaita satsang circuit; lucid dreams, OOBs and recovery of previous lifetimes. • Quicktime.MP4

May 31, 2006, morning The Unconditioned (asankhata), understanding cognition in a Buddhist context, Sankhára and mental projection verses the saturation and permanence of the self arising nature of the phenomena of meditative absorption; noise in the circuit and the spectrum analyzer metaphors. • Quicktime.MP4

May 31, 2006, evening The Deathless, Amata, not losing consciousness during the sleep cycle; misogyny in Buddhism; the apparent despondency of the Buddha in his last days; omniscience. • Quicktime.MP4

June 1, 2006, morning The 8 liberations (attha vimokkha), kundalini, signs of absorption (jhana-nimitta), the jhana “jungle-gym,” volition verses submission. • Quicktime.MP4

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