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A Critical Analysis of Buddhism

Challenges to the Translation of the Pali Canon,

And Some Nikayan Buddhist Concepts, Beliefs and Practices

One who is not self-critical is not a contemplative.
An institution that cannot stand up to peer review is a cult.
A religion that does not recognize the value of gnosis is a dead religion.

Disputation In the Dhamma

The Importance of Critical Analysis

The Failure of Antinomianism Understanding Ethic in Buddhism

The Myth of Lineage

Was the Buddha an Atheist, Nihilist or a Stoic?

Mahayana verses Hinayana

The Cha'an, Son and Zen Concept of Makyo the "ghost" or "devil's cave" as evidence of the subversion of the Buddha Dhamma.

The Emperor Has No Clothes, A Critique of neo-Advaitanism and Adyashanti

A Critique of Western Research on Meditation

Dispelling the Myth of Access Concentration (upacara-samadhi)

Dispelling Common Misconceptions Regarding Insight (vipassana) and Absorption (Jhana/dhyana)

Understanding Insight and Revelation

Commentary on the Heartwood Discourse (Mahàsàropama Sutta MN 29)

A Proposed Unifying Theory for the Experience of Gnosis Within a Structure of Placing the Phenomena Associated with the Concept of Access Concentration (upacara-samadhi), The luminous Orb, and the Out-of-Body (OOB) experience within the Buddha’s 8 stages of Meditative Absorption (jhana)

Commitment as a Refuge, Dark Night of the Soul in Buddhism (January 1, 2003)

The Lack of Evidence In Support of a 'Dry' Insight Practice

The Demonizing of Ecstatic Meditation (Jhana) by the Institutions of Buddhism

The Language of Gnosis (October 15, 04)

Considering the Siddhis, Occult, or Magic Powers of the Mystics

The Mystification of Gnosis

How to determine an authentic teacher

The Emergence of Western teachers of Buddhism and Meditation

Exposing translator bias in the Translation of the Pali Canon and other Buddhist literature (updated 11-10-04)

A Critique of the Abhidhamma and Visuddhimagga

A Critical Analysis of Mahayana and Pureland Buddhism

Understanding the Pali terms, 'vitakka' and 'vicara' (October 10, 2004)

A Critical Analysis of the teaching of Jhana

Nine Classes of Religious Expression


Other Dhamma/Dharma Topics of Critical Importance

Original Buddhism And Brahminic Interference by Dr. K. Jamanadas

Homosexuality in the Japanese Buddhist Tradition by Dharmachari Jnanavira, Western Buddhist Review, Volume 3. Journal of the Western Buddhist Order, 12 Oct, 2005

The Best Justice Drug Money Can Buy by Brian Downing Quig

Mark Vetanen I think that Monasticism had its time and place, Feb 3, 2004

For another point of view of the Goenka Cult


The Demonizing of Ecstatic Meditation (Jhana) by the Institutions of Buddhism


Challenges to the Translators of the Pali Canon

A critique of Bhikkhu Bodhi

A critique of Nina van Gorkom

A Critical Review of Jhana as it is taught

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